Thursday, 14 January 2016

Llanteg Village Name and Pronunciation

Have looked up the authority book on village names - called Place Names of Pembrokeshire.

Llanteg has been spelt many different ways over the centuries - Lanteg (1324 Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem), Llanteage (1569 Francis Green Manuscripts).  Lanteague seems to date from 1789 (Picton Castle Coillection) while there was even a Nanteg in 1329 and other variations.  

No specific mention of when the current spelling emerged - though it might have developed with the arrival of post offices etc.  Something for us to look into!

The village is currently called LLANTEG - but the old Mountain Chapel has a different spelling of LANTEAGUE

Oddly although the spelling is in the Welsh form of Llanteg it is always pronounced as if it was spelt Lanteague.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cesspits/Septic Tank/Waste Removal

One local company is ProWaste, Saundersfoot -
Tel: 01834 814900

(Other companies are available.)

Saturday, 6 November 2010


The two closest primary schools are:

Stepaside CP School,
Carmarthen Rd,
SA68 0UG

Tavernspite CP School,
SA34 0NL

The two closest secondary schools are:

Dyffryn Taf School,
North Road,
SA34 0BD                                                                                                          
01994 242100

Ysgol Greenhill School,
Heywood Lane,
SA70 8BN
Phone (+44) 01834 840100

Friday, 5 November 2010


An Interactive Map showing local businesses.

Books and Booklets on Llanteg

Llanteg History Society has published eleven books and booklets on the village which are all listed at and on the History Society Blog at

History Books
Llanteg Down The Years 2000 (£5.99) SOLD OUT
Llanteg – The Days Before Yesterday 2001 (£4.99)
Llanteg – Turning Back The Clock 2002 (£4.99)
Llanteg - Looking Back 2010 (£4.99)
Picture Books
Llanteg - A Century in Photographs 2004 (£4.99)      
Llanteg – A Picture Book of Memories 2005 (£4.99)
Grave Inscriptions
Grave Inscriptions 2002  (£3.00)
Womens' Institute 
History of Llanteg W.I. 2003  (£4.00)
House Histories
House Histories up to 1900 2001 (£3.00)    
House Histories for 20th Century 2004 (£3.00)
Collection of Recipes
Village Recipe Book 2005 (£3)

To purchase - all the books and booklets are still available from Ruth Roberts, Sandy Grove, Llanteg - 01834 831298 -

Community Councillors

Crunwere (the parish which contains Llanteg village) is a Ward of Amroth Community Council
Below are details relating to Llanteg only - some Councillors are for Crunwere Ward while others live in Llanteg but are actually councillors for Amroth Ward:
Tony Brinsden, Norton Lodge 01834 831775 (Amroth Ward)

John James, Hafod Haf 01834 831227 (Crunwere Ward)

Martin James, Oaklands 01834 831375 (Amroth Ward)

Stephen Phillips, Old Stable Cottage  01834 831497 (Amroth Ward)

Clerk to the Council is:-
Jessica Morgan - 

A blog relating to Crunwere Ward is at -

Community Association

Crunwere's Community Association has, in 2013, merged with the Village Hall Committee - mostly because it was virtually the same people on both.
Since its formation Llanteg Community Association has been involved with the clearing and maintaining of the Old School Garden, The Claypits (both community land), Youth Workshops, fundraising Bingo and Community Carol Services.

Anyone is welcome to come along to the meetings, or to get involved with any of the working parties and planting. 


Blog - more details, plus lots of pictures, can be found on the Association’s dedicated blog at 


Our county and community councillor is:

Tony Brinsden, Norton Lodge, Llanteg (01834 831775)  


To be confirmed
Information below has come word of mouth from local residents and has not been checked with suppliers yet- if you know of more let us know.

Bread - from Victoria Bakery Laugharne - Fridays
01994 427525

Fish - Mark from Milford Haven - Tuesdays
Mark Davies & Sons - Mark the Shark, 25 Sheffield Drive, Steynton, Milford Haven.
Tel: 01646 690267 Mob: 07973744504
Milk - Basil from Kilgetty - ?

Coal - K.P.Thomas, Course Hill, Templeton (also oil) - Mondays fortnightly  0800 3286033

Funeral Directors

E.C.Thomas & Sons Funeral Directors, Zoar Chapel of Rest, Llanteg.
Funeral Directors, Garden of Remembracne, Chapel of Rest, Memorials and Inscriptions. Prepaid Funeral Plans. Independent Family Funeral Directors & Monumental MasonsEstd.1956.
01646 682680 / 01834 812861

Garage Services

Repair garage behind our Spar Stores.

Run by Andrew Edge and called Edge’s Garage – the number to contact them will be 01834 832945


Short Cutz
Run by Kath James of Oaklands, Llanteg
01834 831113

Mobile Hairdressers
Caroline Briggs, Clynderwen 01437 563195 or 07765 361443

Links to Local Community Sites

Local Community Websites for our Area

Local Churches and Chapels

Lanteague Mountain Chapel - now closed

Zoar Baptist Chapel - now closed and a Chapel of Rest

Crunwere St Elidyr Church - also closed.

The nearest church that holds services is St Elidyr Amroth.

Llanteg Website and Blogs

Our Village website is 

We also have the following blogs which relate to Llanteg:
Crunwere Church
Crunwere School
Llanteg Business Map -
Llanteg Community Ward -
Llanteg Community
Llanteg History
Llanteg Interactive Map -
Llamteg Milestones -
Llanteg Remembrance -
Llanteg Then &
Mountain Chapel
Rectory Hill Well -
Zoar Chapel

Local Societies

Llanteg Hall Committee
Llanteg Bowls (see under Sports)


Compiler - Ruth Roberts, Sandy Grove, Llanteg –  01834 831298 –
Delivered free to each household twice a year (mid-May and mid-November) in Crunwere Parish and the surrounding area.
Archive - copies dating back to 2008 can be found here


Carmarthen Journal – Out every Wednesday.
Pembrokeshire Life - Published monthly by Keith Johnson, 3 Pisgah, Cresselly, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire, SA68 0TD - 01646 651727
Tenby Observer - Out every Friday.
Western Telegraph - Out every Wednesday.
Our local reporter is Ruth Davies

Pictures of Llanteg

Hundreds of pictures of Llanteg have been featured on the geograph website:
Llanteg area at

Post Office

Sadly there is no longer a village post office, the nearest one to us now being at Kilgetty, roughly 3 miles away.

Kilgetty Post Office
Bridge Stores.

Refuse Collection

As from 21st November 2011 the refuse collection day for our area has changed to Mondays for both refuse and recycling and we all appear to be classed as in Zone 1.

However any newcomers ought to double check here in case of changes.

Black bags for refuse and orange bags for recyclables - both put out on the same day.

More information on the orange bag recycling scheme at:,559,1299&parent_directory_id=646


Llanteg Short Mat Bowls - Meet on Mondays & Thursdays – 7.00pm at Llanteg Hall.

Badgers Bowls - Meet on Tuesdays and Fridays - 7.00pm Llanteg Hall.

Keep fit and other classes - please check the village website or Facebook page.

Village Hall

Llanteg Village Hall information can be found at:

Village Shop

High Noon Stores
Convenience SPAR Store and petrol - open 7 days a week - 6am-10pm, Llanteg Garage.
07891 258655, 01834 831875

Woodland Trust - Lanteague Wood

Lanteague Wood - woodland to the south of the village:-